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2017 Open Farm Schedule

Calendar and events

We will be open on these dates with the activities noted.  Meeting the alpacas and talking about anything you are interested in goes without saying each weekend.  The May dates are tentative as we don't start shearing until it is warm enough at night (above freezing) so we don't need blankets for each animal.


January  28-29          First Open Farm weekend after the Stock Show.  Farm tours to meet the 2016 crias  (babies) and see what Barbara is felting.  Watch Peter create his bird nesters.

February 25-26       We’ll be making alpaca fiber products.  Watch Barb felt dryer balls and soaps from alpaca fiber.  Peter will make nesting balls for birds from alpaca fiber.

March 25-26             Our 2016 crias (babies) will have just been weaned. We will halter train them and teach them to walk on a lead.  It will be good to have you present to watch and to touch them. They need to get used to having people they don’t know around them.

April 22-23                Health procedures:  we’ll clip toenails, give routine shots, spray ears for ear ticks.

May 13-14                 Watch Peter shear the alpacas!  Weather permitting, after nighttime temps have been above 32 degrees for a week, we begin to shear. By late May, we’ll in the midst of shearing.

June 17-18                 We probably will still be shearing, and you should see this process.  We will also sort and grade the fiber we sheared so we can send it off to a mini-mill  to be made into roving and yarn.

July 15-16                 Watch Barb nuno felt garments using our alpacas’ fiber and silk fabric. These vests, shawls and scarves will be shown in our fashion show next month.

 August  27                 Sit on a bale of hay and enjoy our Fashion Show in the Barn.  Peter will lead the alpaca whose fiber is in a garment behind the model wearing the garment.  We should have several crias (babies) on the ground by then.

Sept  16-17                Barb will be one of the artists featured on the Front Range Open Studio Tour. Come watch her demonstrate her felting methods. Felted products will be for sale.

And Sept 23-24      This weekend is  National Alpaca Farm Days: Meet the herd, listen to the ‘pacas Hum and if you’re lucky watch them pronk or get an alpaca kiss.

October 21-22        Meet our new crias; all but one should have been born by the end of October. There’s absolutely nothing cuter than baby alpacas! One is even due on 10/23 so you may get lucky and see a birth.

November 18-19   Annual Holiday Alpaca Extravaganza:   This event is actually at the Black Forest  Community Club where 10-14 alpaca farms/artists will have booths selling our products, and we also have alpacas to meet and touch.

November 25-26   Visit our “farm stand” to kick off your holiday shopping!  You’ll find unique gifts

                                      that you won’t find anywhere else!  Among the gifts we carry are Barb’s felted soaps,

                                      scarves, shawls, and vests, Peter’s alpaca fiber nesting balls, alpaca scarves woven by

                                      Bhakti, Peter’s sister who is an internationally known weaver, children’s books

                                      featuring alpacas that were written by Barb.  In addition, we contribute fiber to

                                      national alpaca fiber co-ops and carry socks, hats, gloves and more manufactured in

                                       the USA by the co-ops.  And, of course, we have a selection of alpacas should you

                                      wish to give your family the ultimate gift!

December Weekends We’ll be open for holiday shopping every December weekend ‘til Christmas.  Items listed above will be available, while supplies last.  Come early for the best selection.

Hours are 10AM to 4PM for all Open Farm Weekend days.   No reservations are required for these date


All year long we give away alpaca manure.  It is free for gardening homeowners.  We do charge commercial operations that want manure.  Bring a truck and Peter will load your manure with the tractor.  Bring a smaller container and we will lend you a shovel.  Call to set up a manure pick up time.


If you want to visit us at other times than the scheduled weekends listed above, just give us a call.  We are happy to arrange a time for you to come and visit the farm!

Updated February 28, 2017